Seafood Machinery
Seafood Machinery

Seafood Machinery

Boyd Food Machinery is an international supplier and purchaser of second hand seafood machinery, supplying quality used and reconditioned seafood processing machinery worldwide.

Selection of Seafood

Fresh and frozen seafood plant for the international seafood processor including grading, cooking, freezing and peeling equipment.

All the seafood machinery we supply is brand name equipment manufactured by well known machinery companies such as Karl Schnell, Trio, Tremark, Baader, Carnitech, Laitram, Offshell, Cabinplant, Afos, Seydelmann, Koppens and Varlet as well as weighing and packaging equipment by Sortaweigh, Marel and Scanvaegt.

Seafood Processing

We supply seafood processors with machinery enabling them to cook, peel, clean, grade, pack and freeze various types of seafood.

In addition to the basic processes of washing, grading and freezing of seafood, many processors are now developing their seafood product into value added convenience food and party food such as scampi, prawn wontons, crab sticks, surimi, chilli prawns, crab cakes, prawn mousse, lobster terrine, dressed crab. This requires further processing equipment which has been widely used within the food industry for many years. Depending on the finished product you may require a preduster, batter enrober, breader, fryer, continuous steam cooker or crumber. There is also specialised equipment available such as squid ring slicers, brining systems, flake ice machines and even machinery for seaweed processing!

Seafood Kebab

We also supply the equipment required for preparing sauces, depositors for applying seasoning or toppings, injectors and machinery for the manufacture of all types of value-added seafood.

Seafood Packaging, Refrigeration & Freezing

When it comes to weighing and portioning you can use a grader, a batcher, a scangrader or intelligent portioner which which automate the process while precisely grading, weighing and portioning the product before bagging and final packing.

Boyd Food Machinery can provide packaging solutions enabling the quality of the seafood to be retained while making the product more appealing to the consumer.

Packaging machinery - bag sealer, stretch wrapper, thermoformer, shrink wrapping trays of prawns, tray sealer, shrink tunnel - will automate a considerable part of the process, however, you may still require all or some of the following: conveyor, sorting table, vibrating grader, grading table etc.

Again, depending on the nature of the product there are many options available to seafood processors as to refrigeration and/or freezing and we can help you with your choice of refrigeration solutions.


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